31 Days to Becoming a Better Pastor: Connect With Other Pastors

CoffeeOne of the frequent descriptions of pastoral ministry concerns the loneliness of being a pastor. It doesn’t have to be that way. While I think it is good to have friends within the congregation, it is also helpful to connect with other pastors who know the pressures of ministry.

This can look a number of different ways. One can be participation with a ministerial, whether denominational or geographical. These can be good or they can be shallow. Every ministerial is different.

I would suggest that getting to know other pastors in a one-on-one relationship is also important. This could be a mentoring relationship, either mentoring someone younger or being mentored by someone older.

It doesn’t have to be mentoring. It could simply be two peers who are at similar stages of ministry who get together regularly to encourage and pray for one another. It could even be just about getting together for fun, without any shop talk.

Pastoral ministry is only a lonely as we let it be. Find another pastor and develop a relationship that will benefit you both.

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