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SaharaI grew up watching war movies. I don’t want to date myself but our first TV was black and white and I didn’t know any war movies were in colour. I still have a soft spot for old black and white movies. Especially war movies.

There are some great classics but I will say that my favourite is Sahara. This was a 1943 movie starring Humphrey Bogart. It also includes an early appearance by Lloyd Bridges in a role much different from the Airplane movies.

Not surprisingly, it takes place in the Sahara. For some time the only military action with the British and Americans took place in North Africa. It started with an Italian invasion and then, in a pattern often repeated, the Germans had to step in.

This movie takes place after an Allied defeat, as an American tank crew meets up with some stranded British infantry led by a medical officer. Survival depends on finding water, with the advancing Germans making things very difficult.

This motley crew grows as they encounter a Sudanese soldier with an Italian prisoner, as well as a German pilot whose plane they shot down.

Some of the interesting aspects of the story include the positive portrayal of the Italian soldier (remember this is filmed during the war) and of the Sudanese soldier. Bogart has no sympathy for the German prisoner who doesn’t want to be be frisked by a black man.

The action and special effects are pretty good considering it was filmed in the 1940s. Ah the days before CGI.

The story is good and the acting is great. Sure it is filled with propaganda being a war-time film but that adds to its value.

I have watched Sahara more than any other war movie. I watched it again just a month ago and loved it just as much.

There was a remake done with Jim Belushi taking Humphrey Bogart’s role. I haven’t seen it and am not interested.

Second World War

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