31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Continue Your Education

EducationCan you remember your time in Bible college or seminary? Were you counting the days until your graduation? Were you eager to finish your education?

It is interesting to note that many other careers expect that education should continue. Some are required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits. Others are expected to get new certifications. Why should pastors be any different?

Continuing our education can help energize ourselves and our ministry. The great thing is that it can look many different ways. I knew a pastor who used to take a couple of courses per year at a local university, not to earn a degree but just to keep his mind active.

I happen to be motivated by being enrolled in degree programs. It gives me a goal to work toward. After earning my Master of Divinity, I did a Master of Theology in New Testament, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and I’m currently finishing up a Doctor of Ministry.

Continuing education doesn’t have to be in theology or other religious topics. Consider taking courses in history, psychology, astronomy, or some other subject that interests you.

If your schedule doesn’t give you time to take courses on campus, take some courses online. There are many online programs that are quite affordable.

We need to grow in our knowledge and expand our minds. We need to be intentional in how we will continue our education.

If you are interested in a Doctor of Ministry, I’m studying at Acadia Divinity College. I can highly recommend it.

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