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There is nothing worse for a blogger than to sit down, knowing that it is time to write a blog post, and staring at a blank screen with no ideas. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One way to overcome this is to come up with an editorial calendar. Here is a screen shot of my calendar for the last half of this month.

Editorial Calendar

Now this is more complicated than it would be for most bloggers as I run multiple blogs on my one site. The words in blue are for my leadership blog, in green for Christian blogging, in black for my apologetics blog, in red for my autism and disability blog and purple for my personal blog. Most of you are too smart to have something so complicated.

The point is that I have some idea of what I’m blogging. Right now I’m doing a daily series called “31 Days to Become a Better Pastor.” I know I will be blogging on that all month and have it planned out in more detail for the week. I also know that I do a Midweek Apologetics Roundup on Wednesdays and a Weekend Leadership Roundup on Saturdays. Finally, I write a Good News post on Sunday nights.

I have some other ideas for blog posts and I can write them now and then schedule them to appear at some appropriate day according to this schedule.

Taking a few minutes to plan out future posts is a great exercise. This doesn’t mean you can’t have spontaneous ideas. It just means that you are not a slave to them.

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