50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith – Review

As a pastor and Bible teacher, I see one of the most important needs as being greater knowledge of basic Christian theology. We have a small minority who devour theology books and a great majority who have never thought deeply about theology. Thankfully, Gregg Allison has written 50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith: A Guide for Understanding and Teaching Theology.

TheologyIf I had to describe this book in one sentence it would be that Allison has written an introductory systematic theology for laypeople. He hits all of the points a traditional systematic theology would but it can be understood by people who have never attended Bible college or seminary.

As a great of a resource as this for laypeople to read, it has an added value. It is put together in such a way that the material is easy to teach. In fact, each chapter includes not just suggestions for additional reading but also teaching outlines. This material could easily be used in a small group or Sunday school context.

One of the things that I appreciated about the book is that he is respectful toward diversity of interpretation. When there is a difference between Calvinist and Arminian views, he makes notes of it, but does not criticize or demean other perspectives. He is critical of beliefs that land outside of orthodox Christianity but he allows for a big tent within the Christian church.

This is a fantastic resource that I would encourage pastors to look into. I’m considering taking this and turning it into a year long Sunday school course.

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