31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Include Apologetics in Your Ministry

ApologeticsSome people embrace Christian apologetics and some have no interest at all. I would suggest that pastors don’t have the right to reject apologetics. Even if we are not interested, apologetics is necessary for our congregation.

Even if we ignored Christian apologetics, that wouldn’t stop our people from encountering anti-Christian apologetics. There are plenty of people on the internet and elsewhere that are working hard to decrease confidence in Christianity.

This doesn’t mean that every pastor needs to become a professional apologist. But becoming aware of basic apologetics and having a sense of the available resources is important. We should at least have the knowledge to be able to point our people in the right direction.

Another way to include apologetics in our ministry is to offer a short series of sermons on apologetics-related subjects (we don’t need to use the word apologetics in the title). Offering a small group study on apologetics is another option. An apologetics speaker could be invited to speak at a special event. There are many options.

If you are interested in getting some basic-apologetics background, I recommend the Certificate in Christian Apologetics offered through Biola University, which can be done completely online.

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