31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Retreat!

RetreatI was involved in a youth group at a particular church. The youth group traditionally went on retreats. One year, the youth pastor announced that Christians don’t retreat and so the time away was renamed an “advance.” I have since seen a number of churches call these events advances.

With all respect to that youth pastor, Christians do and should retreat. This is not a sign of defeat but of health. Jesus often took time apart from others to recharge. These were retreats.

As pastors, we can always see more to do and find excuses not to take time away. The truth is that we will be more effective in the time we are ministering, if we take some time be with God and rest.

There are many ways to experience retreat. It can be just a day retreat by ourselves. I used to take one morning per month, just to pray and read the Bible in a place alone. One of the best retreats that I ever went on was Kerith, run by Focus on the Family Canada.

The details are not important. What is important is that you plan some sort of retreat into your ministry schedule.

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