31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Plan Out Your Year

PlanOne way to do ministry is to do it Sunday by Sunday. Each week, pick a passage to preach on. Start or stop ministries as situations come up. Hope for the best and pray it all works out. That is one way but not necessarily the best.

Another way is to plan out our year. We can set a goal (or two) and work toward achieving that goal. Plan out your preaching schedule with a specific purpose in mind. Work on ministries with a specific aim. Pull things together to go in a predetermined direction.

This is not about excluding the Holy Spirit or doing everything with human effort. Planning out a year should be bathed in prayer. Even once a year is planned, we should be prepared for God to interrupt us. Plans can be changed.  But it is easier to redirect a moving ship than getting one moved from a stationary position.


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