31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Start a Reading Plan

ReadingMany of the pastors I know love to read. They have large libraries and collect resources to help with sermon preparations. But we can do better than just reading commentaries and other biblical resources.

The way we can get better is to develop a reading plan. This can include reading books related to ministry, including theology, biblical studies, homiletics and counselling. Choose one of these and read four or five books to develop more knowledge in that area.

But it is a good idea to read outside Christian ministry. For example, I read books on philosophy, religions (outside of Christianity), military history and more. I often include books on writing and disabilities as well.

The point is to set goals for what we want to learn and to organize our reading plan accordingly.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Start a Reading Plan”

  1. Hey Steve, love how you call us to be intentional, and call us to go beyond mere commentaries and biblical resources. Personally, I’ve had to be especially intentional about things that aren’t directly related to my faith in Christ, and have started listening to a gardening podcast once a week this year. Thanks for a good, concise post.

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