Jessica Jones: Season 2 – Review

I have just finished watching the second season of Jessica Jones. I will confess, as a character, I find Jessica Jones the least likeable of all the Marvel Netflix characters. This is unfortunate as Marvel doesn’t have a lot of strong female superheroes in their shared universe.

Jessica Jones

Having said that, I understand why they portray Jones in this way. She is suffering from PTSD after the trauma of the death of her family at a young age, experiments performed on her, being adopted by a manipulative woman and finally being controlled and raped by Killgrave. Being messed up is understandable.

The good news is that I didn’t find this season as dark as the first. The entire tone of this season was completely different. The bad guy in the first season was very disturbing and it could be argued that there was no bad guy in the second season.

On the bad side, there was too much gratuitous sex in this season. I’m not a prude and I don’t expect every TV show be Sunday school. But there were some scenes that I didn’t think moved the story much and were only there to reach their targeted mature audience. They could have been cut out and would have improved the story.

Spoilers below. If you have not watched this season but expect to, go and read something else on my blog.

Are you still there?

I really liked the character of the Whizzer in the first episode. The Whizzer was featured in the first issue of the Avengers comic book that I ever owned. I hadn’t realized how funny his name sounded until I heard it said out loud. It was too bad he was killed.

It was an interesting twist to have as the main protagonist, Jessica’s mother as a likewise super-powered  who was twice as strong and twice as unstable. I thought the actor who portrayed her did a fantastic job of switching emotions and turning on the rage.

Finally, there was the cliffhanger with Trish. I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea in the comics that Trish was Hellcat. In this season, we find that Trish is jealous of Jessica’s powers and desperately wishes she had the powers to help people. An interrupted experiment may have given her what she wished.

Overall, this season was better or at least more enjoyable than the first season. I do hope to see Jessica Jones interacting more with Defenders colleagues.

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