31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Spend Time With Older Pastors

PastorWhile it is good to spend time with younger pastors, it is equally good to spend time with older pastors. There are pastors who have already experienced what we have yet to experience. They are a wealth of knowledge that we dare not take advantage of.

There are pastors all around us who are retired or who are close to retirement. We need to find these pastors, from within and outside our denomination. We should spend time with them and soak up their knowledge.

Some potential questions to ask could include:

  • How did you first sense your call?
  • What has been the highlight of your ministry?
  • What has been the hardest experience?
  • What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned?
  • What would you do different if you could start your ministry over?
  • What advice would you give for not neglecting family?
  • How did you keep yourself spiritually fresh?
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