Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review

Pacific Rim

I went to see Pacific Rim: Uprising with some interest. I didn’t see the first Pacific Rim movie in the theatre as it looked like a mindless monster movie. I did end up seeing it and thought it was a fun movie. I was more open to seeing the sequel.

The premise for the series of movies is that some giant monsters were coming from another dimension through openings in the Pacific ocean. Humans have responded by creating large robots that are controlled by two people in a mental connection.

At the end of the first movie, the monsters were defeated and the openings closed. But that didn’t end the danger. I won’t spoil anything but the monsters make a reappearance.

I actually enjoyed the sequel more than the original. The plot was more complex than simply monsters vs robots. There were a number of twists and turns and the characters were interesting.

I especially liked the drone robots and how they were used. I thought I knew where they were going with it but was surprised in the end.

It was not the deepest movie but it was fun. Watching monsters rampage through Tokyo brought back great memories of the monster movies of my childhood.

Is Pacific Rim the quality of science fiction like Bladerunner or Alien? No, but it is still far superior to the Transformer movies. I enjoyed Pacific Rim: Uprising as a fun action movie that was entertaining.

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