An Autism Challenge

Our society has come a long way when it comes to autism awareness. People know more about autism than ever before. But how well do they know people with autism?

As a part of autism awareness month, I challenge everyone to get to know one person with autism. The person could be anywhere on the spectrum. I understand that this can be challenging. Some people with autism have significant communication issues. Some may be considered nonverbal. Some people with autism also can give the impression that they are not interested in interaction. They may avoid eye contact.

None of this is an excuse to not get to know a person with autism. I know from my children, despite the way they may act toward some people, that it is possible to have a relationship with them. I also know from experience that it is possible to get to know other people with autism. They may ignore at first but there is gradual change in the relationship.

The odds are that you are aware of someone with autism. Go beyond being aware and get to know them. This is not something to be completed in a month but is a long journey that will definitely be worth it.


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