10 Steps to Become a Jesus Mythicist

Jesus MythJesus mythicism is growing despite being rejected by the majority of biblical scholars and historians. I have read a lot from Jesus mythicists and have heard their arguments.

From my observations, these are the ten steps to become a Jesus mythcists. They are in no particular order.

  1. Reject the normal way people do history.
  2. Rely not on pagan myths themselves but summaries by other mythicists.
  3. Use a different standard for examining the historicity of Jesus than used for other ancient figures.
  4. Reject inconvenient evidence as later interpolations.
  5. Doubt anything that was written by a Christian (ancient or modern).
  6. Don’t trust trained and recognized Egyptologists or Classicists.
  7. Label all miraculous births as virgin, even if conception is through intercourse.
  8. Never worry about chronology. Later texts cam be the inspiration for earlier texts.
  9. As long as the Bible is considered Scripture, reject it as historical evidence.
  10. When in doubt, blame Constantine.

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