Why I’m Glad My Children Didn’t Come For a Visit

AutismOur two oldest children have autism and live in a group home about an hour and a half away. They normally come for visits every other week. Last weekend they were supposed to come for a visit but they didn’t. And I’m glad.

How could I be glad that my children didn’t come for a visit? Shouldn’t I want to see them as often as possible? Of course I should but autism makes everything much more complicated.

On Saturday the power went out in our area for about four or five hours. Our three youngest were not that excited to be kicked off technology but they got over it and went and played at friends’ houses. Some families probably saw it as a bit of an adventure and broke out the board games.

But things look different with autism. If Logan and Abby had been over they wouldn’t have done well with the sudden loss of power. Logan loves listening to song previews on iTunes and Abby watches Veggie Tales episodes on YouTube. It would not be good enough to just explain the situation to them. If they had been here during the power outage, a couple of meltdowns would have been likely.

It’s not that Logan and Abby can’t be away from technology. They get plenty of breaks from technology. The problem would have been that they would have expected the technology to be available and wouldn’t be prepared for the power to be out.

I’m looking forward to Logan and Abby coming for their next visit. I just hope the power is on when they are here.


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