Avengers: Infinity War – Review

The battle with Thanos has been brewing for years, with Thanos being behind the attack on earth that originally brought the Avengers together. Thanos and the infinity stones have been the threads that have tied together many of the Marvel movies. Infinity War is what we have been waiting for.

The basic premise is that Thanos is gathering together the infinity stones, six gems that have been around since the big bang. With possession of these stones, Thanos (already incredibly powerful) will become unstoppable. It’s up to the good guys to stop him.

Who are the good guys? Pretty much all of the Marvel heroes that have appeared up til now, with the exception of Hawkeye and Ant-Man. This boils down to the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange.

The biggest danger for this movie is that with so many characters, none of them would get the attention that they needed. Really this movie couldn’t have happened until now as the foundation for each character was laid in the previous movies, allowing Infinity War to bring them in for the appropriate role.

This movie is able to juggle all the characters and to keep things interesting. Yes, certain characters have greater roles (I’m talking about you Thor and Doctor Strange), but most of the characters get at least a moment to shine.

One of the strengths of this movie is the portrayal of Thanos. He could have easily been a one dimensional cosmic thug. This was one of the main problem of Steppenwolf in Justice League. But they actually make Thanos a complex villain, someone more than just a weapon of mass destruction. I was quite surprised by how much they developed Thanos as a character.

I also appreciated how this movie was more than just transplanting characters into a totally separate movie. The Guardians of the Galaxy scenes felt like their movies and the Black Panther scenes felt like it was from his movie. They even brought in the lighter tone of the most recent Thor movie.

The term epic is thrown around too often. Movies are called epics just because they have lost of action or exotic locales. Infinity War lives up to the label epic. The thought that came to mind is that this is what would happen if Lord of the Rings was about superheroes. Infinity War is truly epic.

A minor spoiler to say that the movie ends with a major cliffhanger. There is no satisfying conclusion to the story. The end of Infinity War only serves to set up the next chapter in the story. I only hope that it is just as good.

Infinity War


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2 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War – Review”

  1. Yep, basically sums it up. I really enjoyed myself, but was VERY surprised about who they chose to kill off. Also, I loved that they still had a post credits scene, but it was truely after ALL of the credits. Left you wondering if they would even have one.

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