7 Steps to Become a Really Bad Blogger

I recently blogged about 7 Steps to Become a Really Bad Apologist. I thought I would so something similar for blogging. Remember this is all tongue in cheek so be careful with how you apply what I say here.

So here is how you can become a really bad blogger (if that’s what you really want to do.

  • Don’t bother blogging.
  • Blog inconsistently, posting every day for a while and then six months later.
  • Totally neglect sharing your posts on social media.
  • Blog about things that you don’t care about.
  • Spend the majority of your time debating with trolls who comment on your posts.
  • Ignore your archives.
  • Blog about absolutely everything with absolutely no focus whatsoever.

Bonus Step: Completely ignore all SEO principles.

Follow all these steps and I promise you will be a really bad blogger.

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