Good News: Great Preaching at Church

Amanda BedardI enjoy preaching but I also love listening to good preaching. And we had some great preaching this morning at Queen Street Baptist Church. Our guest preacher was my beautiful wife, Amanda Bedard.

Today was Baptist Women’s Sunday and we had the ladies take over the service. We actually had a number of the ladies do an amazing job. It was so good to see and hear all the talented people we have at our church.

As a part of this, we had Amanda as our guest preacher. How well did she do? I can say that there were many people who told me that my job was at risk because they may have found a better preacher. It was said in fun (I think…) but it is true that Amanda’s preaching was passionate, insightful and moving. Her message will eventually be posted here.

Although this was a part of Baptist Women’s Sunday, I want to state that this was not just a token nod to women. We value all of the women in our church. And Amanda’s preaching was good not just in the context of this particular day. Amanda is a talented preacher. Period. On Baptist Women’s Sunday and on any other Sunday. This is only a day that we can showcase it.

So my Good News is that I’m proud of Amanda and thankful for the ways God has gifted her.

Why do I blog Good News?

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