Making Plans With Autism

Stephen BedardA few weeks ago, we were staying at a hotel with our three youngest children. One of the reasons we went to the hotel is that it had a pool. Since the hotel was in the same city as the group home where our children with autism live. The plan was for our two oldest children to join us the next day.

But that didn’t happen. Logan and Abby went into the van to come to the hotel. Abby expressed some emotion. Logan reacted, which increased Abby’s emotion. The next thing, both Logan and Abby were both very upset and that was the end of their trip.

One of the most important things to know about autism is that plans are always only tentative. Things can change at any moment. It is something that autism families just need to get used to.

That is not to say we had no time together. Instead of swimming together at the hotel, we visited them at the group home. Seeing us calmed them both down and we had a nice visit.

Just because plans don’t always work out doesn’t mean that we can’t have quality time. We just have to hold our plans loosely.

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