Is the Internet Good or Bad For Christian Faith?

internetI have heard that the internet has been a challenge for Mormons. With the internet, Mormons and non-Mormons have had information about troubling topics such as Joseph Smith’s polygamy and Brigham Young’s radical theological speculation. But what about for the Christian faith?

Atheists and other critics of Christianity definitely take advantage of the internet. There are numerous internet apologists, some ex-Christians, who seek to spread their criticisms of Christianity, hoping for Christians to leave the faith. Some of the information they share is true, some is exaggerated and some just plain false.

Aside from those who are actively seeking to discredit Christianity, there is information about Christian history and Christian leaders that is troubling. The mistakes and stumbles of Christians throughout the century and especially those who are contemporary with us are available for all to see. This can be difficult for those who hold to the truth of Christianity.

So is the internet good or bad for Christianity?

Overall, I would say that the internet is good for the Christian faith. Yes there are people who have walked away from the church based on things they have read or watched on the internet. But looking at the big picture, I think the internet is positive.

It takes works to sort through the information that is true and that which is false. And learning new information can be stretching and even disturbing. It may adjustments in beliefs and interpretations. But all truth is God’s truth and nothing that is true should take away from Christianity.

We have a checkered history, including crusades, inquisitions, corrupt leaders and false teachers. That history needs to be learned and owned. None of that takes away from the truth of Christianity.

So take advantage of the internet, sift through the information, learn as much as you can and thrive in your Christian faith.

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