Good News: A Painful Reminder

That is a strange title. But this is what I mean. I have a disease called sarcoidosis. I have been doing very well with it and have enjoyed the best health I have had in years. It has been so good that my doctor suggested I get off the low dose of prednisone that I have been on.

That is where the reminder comes in. I have been decreasing it at 1 mg per month, which is pretty gradual. But three weeks into it I started getting back the sarcoidosis symptoms I haven’t had in a long time. This includes joint pain, fatigue and some lung issues. I have decided to go back up to my original dose and am already having some relief.

So how is this Good News?

It is a reminder of where I have come from. My experience with sarcoidosis hasn’t been fun. It has been a long journey. There were times that my future didn’t look very bright.

But I have done very well and have come a long way. The symptoms I’m experiencing, that should disappear soon, are a reminder of my recovery. Temporary pain can be a good reminder that there is always hope.

Why do I blog Good News?

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