Luke Cage: Season 2 – Review

I recently watched the second season of Luke Cage on Netflix. I had been disappointed with the first season. I thought that the first season was painfully slow, focused more on highlighting the culture of Harlem than anything else. I also found the villains, Cottonmouth and Diamondback to be rather boring.

I thought the second season was a great improvement over the first. In this season, we have a Luke Cage who is much more comfortable with the role of a hero. The pace was picked up a bit. Although part of the problem is the Netflix pace in general. I’m currently watching Agents of SHIELD and I much prefer the faster pace of that series to the slower pace of all the Marvel Netflix series.

I also liked the villain Bushmaster in this season much better. I call him the villain, even though he is not the real villain of the season. That would require some spoilers. I will say that there were some nice fight scenes between Bushmaster and Luke Cage. It is difficult to find villains than can stand up to Cage but Bushmaster had what it takes.

A highlight of the season was the appearance of Danny Rand. Iron Fist got some mixed reviews but he is actually one of my favourite Netflix Marvel heroes. There was some great chemistry between Luke and Danny. I’m all in favour of a Netflix series featuring both Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The ending of the season left us in some suspense. Luke was victorious but his victory may be his downfall. We now wait to see if Luke’s character is equal to his strength.

Luke Cage

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