Good News: Sharing and Worshiping

HeritageNot all ministry takes place in a church building. We recently had an opportunity to share at Heritage Christian Bookstore. This included Dayspring, which is the praise team from Queen Street Baptist Church. I love this band. It represents people born in Japan, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Canada. They did a fantastic job.

My role was to share my story. I did that in two parts. The first was my story of becoming a Christian. I was raised in church but became an atheist in my mid-teens. I came to believe in God while in university and became a Christian a couple of years later.

The second part was my story of life after becoming a Christian. This included the role of apologetics in my ministry and my spirituality. It also included how we have dealt with autism in our family and the way God has sustained us. It was interesting that the day I did this was the anniversary of our daughter going into a group home.

It was a great time and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share.

Why do I share Good News?

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