Stranger Things: Season 2 – Review

I really enjoyed the first season of Stranger Things. Not only did I love the story, I was not much older than those kids at that time in the 1980s. I was looking forward to the second season, but didn’t jump into it because I was watching plenty of other shows.

I finally watched the first episode of the second season. It was okay but it didn’t really grab me. In fact it was a couple of months later before I watched the second episode.

However, as the story developed, I got more into it. The 1980s charm was as powerful as ever. But it was more than that. I really enjoyed the story and the character development. I liked the new characters and what they did with the previous characters.

This was especially true with Eleven. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of her side-trip to Chicago. But it all made sense by the end of the season.

I found the final battle with the shadow monster to be quite satisfying. In fact I liked the ending of this season better than the first. And of course things are nicely set up for the third season.

Stranger Things


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