Good News: Vacation Time

My Good News for this week is that of today I’m on vacation. It is nice to have some time off work, time to relax and recharge. Amanda and I were able to enjoy a nice long drive together as we took the kids to camp. We drove through some beautiful country and were able to enjoy quality time together.

One of the reasons that this is Good News is that I don’t have a job I hate. I hear from many people who can’t stand their job and they count down to vacation and dread going back. I actually enjoy my job at Queen Street Baptist Church. It is a great place to work.

Having said that, I know that I need some time to relax in order to be a good pastor. I also need time with Amanda. I will be a husband long after I’m a pastor. I look forward to this week and the rest I will get.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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