My Experience With a Coach

You may have heard about life coaching. A life coach helps a person to ask the right questions in order to determine a direction for their life. Life coaching is for everybody. Did you know that there is also coaching for pastors?

A generic life coach could help a pastor, as the nature of coaching doesn’t require the coach to be an expert in every area. But pastoral ministry is so unique that it can be helpful to be coached by someone who knows what it is like to be a pastor and who regularly coaches other pastors.

I just completed a series of coach calls with Dave Jacobs. I was not in a crisis or on the verge of burnout but I wanted to make sure my pastoral ministry stayed on the healthy side and that I could take steps to become more effective. I had taken other steps toward this and the last one I wanted to experience was coaching.

Dave Jacobs is a fantastic coach. He is gifted at getting to the heart of the situation. There is always a danger when two pastors talk that it just be chit chat but Dave always kept us on track. Our talks included Homework assignments. Don’t let that scare you. I’m not talking about a research paper. Rather I would prepare for our talks by thinking through certain scenarios.

Having completed this coaching, what are my thoughts? I am totally sold on the idea. I have seen the effectiveness and I believe that I am already a better pastor after only a few months of coaching.

While I’m going take a break to work on a few other areas of my life, I fully intend to return to Dave for some more coaching. I know that he can help me to stay in the healthy areas. I recommend that all pastors consider coaching and particular that you consider Dave Jacobs.

If you are interested in just being coached but actually doing coaching, Dave also provides coach training. It is something that I am strongly considering. You can find out more here.

You also might want to check out Dave’s recent book Naked Man Running: 100 IDEAS that work in a small church.

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