Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – August 2018

I’m so thankful for the many individuals and organizations that are involved in apologetics blogging. From time to time, I compile a list of the top ten apologetics blogs. How do I determine this? I use the Alexa ranking to come up with my top ten based on this master list. This does not mean that blogs that did not make it are not good. They are all worth checking out.

Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – Single Author

  1. Cold-Case Christianity
  2. Hope’s Reason
  3. Wintery Knight
  4. Canon Fodder
  5. Sean McDowell
  6. Come Reason
  7. James Bishop
  8. Bellator Christi
  9. Truthbomb Apologetics
  10. Capturing Christianity

Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – Multi-Author

  1. Evolution News
  2. RZIM Global Blog
  3. Stand to Reason
  4. Cross Examined
  5. Premier Christianity
  6. Reasons to Believe
  7. Bethinking
  8. Reasons For Jesus
  9. The Poached Egg
  10. Apologetics 315
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