How to Grow – Review

How to GrowWhat is the gospel? For many people, the gospel is the message by which one gets to heaven. But the Bible presents a much fuller concept of good news. It is a gospel that is supposed to affect our entire existence.

Darryl Dash, thankfully presents to us a vision of how the gospel can help us grow as both humans and as followers of Jesus in his book, How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life.

Dash presents the following as the essentials of the gospel:

  • God if holy.
  • Humanity is sinful.
  • God is rescuing His people and creation through the perfect work of Jesus Christ.

This goes far beyond just getting us tickets to heaven. It transforms our lifestyle, relationships and the way we do church.

Dash presents a clear picture of what discipleship is supposed to look like. It includes an intellectual aspect but is a much deeper work. It is more than just self-help tips, it is the work of God in our lives as we act on biblical principles.

I found How to Grow to be helpful, both as an individual follower of Jesus and as a pastor. The book is full of principles that are theologically grounded and also immensely practical. Dash is able to find a excellent balance. I really appreciated the illustrations from his own walk with Jesus.

If I had one criticism, it is the relationship between this book’s principles and traditional self-help books. Dash is quite critical of self-help books, and yet a non-Christian who followed his principles here, would also experience benefits aside from the supernatural work of God. I understand the difference that Dash holds, and I agree with him, but the lines can get somewhat fuzzy.

But that is a minor quibble and it in no way gets in the way of the value of How to Grow. This is a book that I expect to go back to again and again.

Check out this interview I did with Darryl Dash for my podcast.

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