Autism and the First Day of School

Like many parents, we sent our children off today for their first day of school for the year. We took the obligatory pictures of our three children and posted them on Facebook.

Except we have more than three children.

AutismTwo of our children have autism and live in a group home over an hour away. That means that we didn’t even see them on what should be a very important day. We were sent a picture of our daughter Abby but not our son Logan.

Logan is in grade twelve and this should be the start of his last year of high school. But it isn’t. Students with disabilities can stay to an older age in school. Grades are not near as important. The focus is on preparing for life rather than future academic pursuits.

The first day of school is an exciting day. But for parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, it can be more difficult. Some parents may have trouble getting their children to school. Others, like us, may not even see their children.

So enjoy the first day of school. But remember that it can loo different for some families.

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