Good News: Sweet Sixteen!

Although her birthday is not for a couple more days, we had the kids for a visit yesterday so that we could celebrate Abby’s sixteenth birthday.

It is hard to believe Abby is turning sixteen. It seems like only yesterday that she was only a baby. I remember being able to put her to sleep on command by rocking her in my arms. It worked every time.

We have had a lot of challenges with Abby and our life together has not turned out the way we expected. Turning sixteen should be a major turning point for her, but because of her autism, things are not the way it is for most kids her age. This is really bitter-sweet time for us.

But I choose to focus on the positive. I choose to focus on the fact that we have a beautiful daughter that we love very much and who loves us back. I choose to celebrate that we have a good relationship with her.

We love Abby very much and she is a blessing to all of us. This is my Good News!

Why do I blog about Good News?

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