The Impact of Batman

BatmanAs I write this, it is Batman Day. Did you even know there was a Batman Day? Although there are hundreds and hundreds of superheroes, Batman is both one of the most popular and most influential superheroes.

Batman first appeared back in May 1939 in the 27th issue of Detective Comics. Many people do not know that the DC of DC Comics actually stands for Detective Comics, reflecting the importance of Batman.

Unlike Superman, who is super-strong and invulnerable, Batman has to rely on his own intelligence and skill. Millionaire Bruce Wayne serving justice as the Batman served as a model for many other superheroes, including Green Arrow and the Sandman (both also had young sidekicks).

Batman was one of the few DC superheroes who was able to hold onto his popularity after the Second World War and he is as popular now as ever. He has had numerous animated and live-action movies and TV series.

I think people identify with Batman as someone who has experienced tragedy and responded by making things right with the resources available. We may not be able to beat up the bad guys but we can at least work for the sake of justice.

What is your favourite thing about Batman?

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