Good News: My Wife in Seminary

Twenty-two years ago, I began my theological studies at McMaster Divinity College. And now my wife Amanda is beginning her own theological education.

If you are wondering what happened to her studies at Brock University, there is a simple explanation. She was doing an undergraduate degree for the purpose of getting a Master of Divinity degree. But McMaster has a Diploma of Ministry program that gets you the same education without the undergrad degree. This is a good path for her to take.

God has been using Amanda in ministry for many years and this is just the next stage. Like all seminary students, she is still discovering her ministry path. I know I had no idea what I would do at that stage. Amanda is doing her first placement at Queen Street Baptist Church and I’m excited to work with her. Amanda has many natural talents and she has a vibrant spirituality.

Amanda has finished her first week of classes and I am so proud of her. I look forward to what God has in store for her. You can read her thoughts on this journey here.

Amanda Bedard

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