The Meg – Review

Shark movies tend to be real classics (Jaws) or really cheesy (almost everything else). How does the recent movie, The Meg, fit in this continuum? Well, I wouldn’t call it a classic but it wasn’t near as cheesy as I expected.

In many ways it is a typical “realistic” science fiction movie. Scientists (and the millionaires that fund them) are fully committed to making the next big discovery and at the same time completely oblivious to the consequences (which always include plenty of innocent deaths).

In this case, scientists have discovered an isolated underwater habitat in the deepest part of the ocean. This area must be explored but unfortunately the sub that is sent is attacked and stranded on the ocean floor. A desperate rescue mission takes place to save the explorers.

Considering the title of the movie, it is no spoiler to say that the sub was attacked by a megalodon shark, a species thought to have been extinct for millions of years. The shark is able to escape its habitat thanks to the activity of the scientists and begins to terrorize the ocean.

The movie was actually pretty good. It was a lot of fun with plenty of action and some humour. One of the things I appreciated was that there was little swearing, no sex and considering it is a shark movie, very little gore.

I also noticed that the movie wasn’t near as predictable as I expected. Things would happen and I would think to myself, “I know what will happen next.” But I was always wrong. I was surprised over and over. In some cases I was actually disappointed that they didn’t do it the traditional way.

The Meg is not the most philosophical movie ever (although there are some ethical dilemmas) but it is an enjoyable movie. We saw it in 3D and our whole family enjoyed it. There are plenty of movies I have thought were a waste of money but this wasn’t one of them.

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