The Foundation For Most Atheist Arguments

I have listened to many arguments from atheists, both as a participants and as an observer. I have noticed a common theme.

Much of what atheists say is not evidence for God’s non-existence or even real arguments against Christian claims of evidence for God. What I see as the core of most atheistic arguments is this:

If God actually existed, I completely disagree with how that God has done things.

When confronted with the cosmological argument, they respond by saying they wouldn’t have created such a large universe.

When confronted with the design argument, they respond by saying that God didn’t do a very good job (implying they could have done better).

Looking at the Bible, they will point out examples of acts of God that they disagree with.

I’ve lost count of how many times I have heard atheists say something like, “Even if there was a God…” or “If God really existed, why did he…?”.

None of this really weakens the evidence of God. It is very possible that there is a God and that God has chosen to do things very unlike the way we would.

This doesn’t mean that atheists are wrong but theists should be aware of this principle at work behind the conversation.

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