Good News: A Double Blessing at Church

I had a fantastic time at church this morning. And it was for two reasons.

The first was that our congregation recognized pastor appreciation Sunday. While they gave me a nice gift, more than that, I felt their encouragement. Queen Street Baptist Church is such a great church and they work hard to support the leadership. I feel so blessed to be their pastor.

The second was that my wife Amanda preached the message this morning. She did a fantastic job, preaching biblically on the nature of anxiety. I so appreciated the honesty and vulnerability that she brought to it.

Interestingly, we have one of our biggest turnouts for church, with lots of visitors. I can imagine that helped Amanda to feel increased anxiety to her only second time preaching at QSBC. But if it did, she seemed calm and in control. I am so enjoying working with her in ministry.

This was a great Sunday and I’m looking forward to more of the same. This is my Good News.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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