The High Definition Leader – Review

High-Definition LeaderThe High-Definition Leader has been on my radar for some time. I held off because I misunderstood the title, By “High-Definition,” I assumed it was another leadership book making the reader guilty for not being more intense in their leadership. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

By “High-Definition” Derwin Gray is making reference to high definition televisions by which you can see every shade of colour. In the same way, churches should reflect every colour of skin.

Some may argue that calling for multi-ethnic congregations is part of the latest politically correct trend. But Gray demonstrates that this is the original plan for the church. The first major struggle for the early church was to move from Jewish to Jewish and Gentile (which included many ethnic groups). Multi-ethnic congregations are part of our biblical DNA.

The High-Definition Leader appealed to me on two levels. Unlike many leadership books, this book includes extensive biblical research and goes beyond surface interpretation. Gray spends a lot of time in Ephesians, demonstrating that a diverse Christian community is not a fringe part of the faith but is core of the gospel.

The other reason that this book grabbed me was that I am a pastor of a multi-ethnic congregation and what Gray preaches is exactly what I’m passionate about. Although our church is doing well, I learned so much about how to be more intentional in celebrating and promoting diversity.

I realize that some pastors and churches are in communities that are not multicultural. They should not pass on The High-Definition Leader, as there are principles that are applicable for ministry in every context.

I can honestly say that The High-Definition Leader is one of the best books I have read that is aimed at Christian leaders. The vision of the church Gray offers is one that is solidly biblical and extremely relative. I kept wanting to shout “amen!”

Every pastor and church leader needs to read this book. Highly recommended!

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