Why I Don’t Collect Comic Books Anymore

I love comic books, superheroes and all the things that go with them. I have been enjoying the superhero movies and look forward to each one of them.

But I no longer collect comics and haven’t for many years.

I was once an avid collector and really enjoyed it. I focused almost completely on DC Comics.

I especially like the idea of continuity, that is that the comics belonged to a shared universe and that future stories had to take into account that which happened in the past.

I was happy with the way things were working out. And then in the mid-1980s, Crisis on Infinite Earths came out. This was an attempt to clean up the continuity, to simplify things and to fix some of the issues that arose from many years of comic book publishing.

I really enjoyed that series and I liked the new universe that came out of it. But things got complicated again. So there have been numerous reboots since then. Every time there was a problem, they started over.

I was fine with Crisis as one major reboot but the continued attempts to fix things have turned me off. There is no sense of we have what we have and we build on what’s there. If something is complicated, just wipe away the continuity and start again.

I realize that many people enjoy stories just for the sake of the stories. There is part of that in me but the comic publishers have worked too hard to have the major events.

Perhaps that is the problem. The original Crisis was to fix things. The later reboots seem like publicity stunts attempting to attract new readers. But once you have restarted the universe a number of times, how can you do something bigger.

I will hold onto the few classic comics books I have kept and enjoy the movies but I won’t become a collector again.

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One thought on “Why I Don’t Collect Comic Books Anymore”

  1. The Incarnation was in a sense a ‘Reboot’ or ‘Crisis’, but the characters in the O T Jewish universe remained the same – the narrative was not changed, but a greater light was shined upon that narrative and characters. Minor reboots and clearer retellings of parts of the grand story are possible, are still possible, but a continuing major rebooting of His-Story has got to surely be off the table. Jesus died, rose again once and for all time.

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