I Wish I Wrote My Sermons Like This Before

BibleI am so happy with my new routine for writing sermons. I wish I started doing this twenty years ago. The funny thing is I began this out of necessity.

My wife has started at seminary and I drive her to and stay at the school on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are not my day off and so I need to work, but I’m limited to what I can do away from the office. So I started writing my sermons Tuesday mornings.

How can I write a sermon on Tuesdays, especially if my day off is Mondays? When does sermon prep take place? I actually do my sermon prep the week before and so I have been able to think about the passage for almost a week before I actually write.

It feels so good to get my sermon done on Tuesdays. I remember sometimes finishing it on Saturdays! It is incredibly freeing to have the sermon completed at the beginning of the week, allowing me to use the rest of the week to do visitation and admin duties.

My wife’s schedule will change next semester but I intend to continue thus rhythm of writing sermons on Tuesdays. I highly recommend it.

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