Good News: Gandalf the Grey!

Good NewsI love having pets. While I really enjoy my dog, I will confess that I am more of a cat person. That may make me unpopular with some.

Until recently, we had one dog and three cats. But an opportunity came up to bring in another kitten. It is grey cat, similar in look to another cat we brought in about a year and a half ago. That cat was an adult and unfortunately he didn’t work out.

However, I think this cat, whom we have named Gandalf the Grey, will fit in nicely. He is awfully cute and I think will be a good looking cat as he grows.

The kids are pretty excited to have a new kitten. We didn’t tell them we were even thinking about it and so it was all a surprise.

He is a good natured cat that doesn’t meow at all but has a nice loud purr. The Bedard family grows again and that is my Good News.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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