Iron Fist: Season 2 – Review

Iron FistI have been baffled by the hate toward the Iron Fist series on Netflix. I have found both seasons much more enjoyable than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, being second only to Daredevil.

For me, the second season of Iron Fist was even better than the first, being able to build on the foundation laid in that season, as well as in Defenders.

The premise of the season is that Danny’s friend (whom he calls brother) Davos plans to take back the iron fist, as he sees it as being rightfully his and being misused by Danny.

The season is really about family. It is about Danny and Davos. It is about Ward and Joy and their relationship with Danny. It is also about discovering who they are as individuals in order to be able to have a real relationship with family.

Along with Davos as the bad guy, there is Mary Walker who is ex-military and now is a hired gun. She has multiple personalities, with Mary being a timid girl and Walker being a powerful fighter and a deadly assassin. Groundwork was laid to dig deeper into Mary Walker’s story with the suggestion of a third personality.

I won’t go into the spoilers here, but I will say that the iron fist is passed around through some eastern rituals that include a lot of tattooing.

The season ends with a tremendous opportunity for future stories. Unfortunately, it has since been announced that Netflix will not be offering a third season. The same has been said for Luke Cage. That is unfortunate, but perhaps Marvel has future plans for both characters on a different platform. I would love to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist be featured together, perhaps even for a movie.

If you have heard that Iron Fist is not worth watching, don’t believe it. This was a great season that was interesting and fun. I really found it to be one of the best seasons of the Netflix series of Marvel shows.

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