Top Five Things I Like About C.S. Lewis

Top FiveAs I continue to celebrate my 50th birthday with top five lists, I turn my attention to C.S. Lewis. Lewis is easily one of my favourite authors and Christian thinkers.

But what is it that I like so much about C.S. Lewis?

  1. I like that C.S. Lewis focuses on mere Christianity. Even though Lewis was an Anglican, he didn’t focus on his own specific tradition. He preached a Christianity that was common among all traditions.
  2. I like that C.S. Lewis was transparent about his own struggles. I encourage you to read his letters. He never hid his troubles as a follower of Jesus. He never put up a mask.
  3. I like that C.S. Lewis was able to write in a variety of genres, everything from Christian apologetics to science fiction and fantasy.
  4. I like that C.S. Lewis provided a powerful defence of the Christian faith despite not being a trained theologian or clergy. His apologetics emerged out of his role as an intelligent layperson.
  5. He was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

What do you like about C.S. Lewis?

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