The Legacy of Stan Lee

I am writing this the day that legendary comic creator Stan Lee died. I don’t think that it is possible to overestimate the impact of Stan Lee.

I have traditionally been more of a DC person than Marvel. However, one of the reasons that Marvel did so well is that DC never had anyone like Lee. Yes DC had some talented writers, but there was no one person who had the same impact as Lee.

When we think of the amazing success of the Marvel superhero movies, that is all because of Stan Lee. Those were the characters that Lee created. Those are not minor or fringe characters, they are superheroes that have real impact on our culture.

One of the unique things about Stan Lee is that he was a part of the golden age (1940s) and the silver age (1960s) of comics, both eras being extremely important.

In addition to coming up with simple but interesting ideas for characters, Lee himself was a character. His personality came across, even in his role as an editor. He helped to unite Marvel fans as a community, again, something that DC never had.

Our world was lucky to have Stan Lee as long as we did. Excelsior!

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