The Hospitable Leader – Review

What kind of leader do you want to serve with? An authoritarian leader that simply lays down the law? There is another way and that is the Hospital Leader.

Hospitable Leader

Terry Smith writes in his book about the intersection of hospitality and leadership. These are not concepts that are not often thought of together, but there is significant overlap.

Smith looks at hospitality in terms of home, strangers, dreams, communications and feasts. With each section, Smith takes the reader deeper into the realm of hospitality.

As someone who had read a lot of leadership books, I really didn’t encounter much that was new. It was good but the style of leadership that Smith argues for is one that I have read about over and over.

The strength of the book is that it is written at a level appropriate to lay-leaders. Rather than something that will transform a senior leader, this book would be good for a leader to take their team through.

The leadership take homes were of particular value. It would be worth using them alone as discussion starters with a leadership team.

The Hospitable Leader is a good but not a groundbreaking book for Christian leaders.

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