Understanding the Pro-Choice Position

I am firmly pro-life, having become pro-life before I was a Christian and when I was still an atheist. This is as strong a belief as I have.

However, I see numerous statements by pro-lifers about the pro-choice position that totally misrepresent it. If we are going to oppose a position, we need to understand it.

I need to make it clear that there is not one official pro-choice position, but what I’m going to share is what I see as representative. Describing this position doesn’t mean I agree with it.

  1. Most pro-choicers do not deny that a fetus is alive.
  2. Most pro-choicers do not deny that a fetus is human.
  3. Most pro-choicers do deny that the fetus is a person. That is, the fetus is a living human but is not a person and therefore not eligible to rights due a person.
  4. Most pro-choicers are not seeking to kill as many babies as possible but rather to protect the rights of women.
  5. Most pro-choicers fear that pro-lifers are trying to limit the rights of women and return to the patriarchal society of previous generations.

Did I miss anything? If you are pro-choice, what would you like pro-lifers to understand?

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