Transcending Vision – Review

Transcending VisionI have gotten to know Don McIntosh over the last couple of years and even wrote the foreword to his previous book. I was quite happy when he offered to send me his newest book, Transcending Vision.

Transcending Proof was more of a book on apologetics, while Transcending Vision is more generally on theology. What I like about Don’s writing is that he is able to translate academic concepts into the language of normal people. He succeeds again in this book, presenting various aspects of Christian doctrine in easy to understand ways.

There were a number of things I liked about this book. This included his treatment of the Trinity. Don affirms the importance of the Trinity while acknowledging there is much about the Trinity that we do not understand.

I also liked that Don presents theology form a Pentecostal perspective. As a former Pentecostal, I really appreciated this. Some from a Reformed background might find some things they disagree with but this is a voice that needs to be heard.

In addition to a presentation on theology, Don shares some stories about his own experiences, specifically in the areas of miracles and visions. This might make some feel uncomfortable, but it is perfectly home in a Pentecostal theology.

I really enjoyed reading Transcending Vision. It is biblically based and spiritually vibrant in its presentation of the Christian faith. This is a fresh portrait of Christianity that is especially helpful for laypeople.


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