How Hitler Could Have Won World War II – Review

How Hitler Could Have Won World War IIMost people are happy that Adolf Hitler did not win the Second World War. But it could have easily ended differently. One of the best books on military history that I have read recently was How Hitler Could Have Won World War II: The Fatal Errors That Led to Nazi Defeat by Bevin Alexander.

In some ways, this book is a readable summary of the war against Nazi Germany. But instead of just stating what happened, Alexander reveals what could have happened. Throughout the war, if Hitler had held to his original vision or listened to his military advisors, he could have won the war.

Reading about stupid decision after stupid decision, the reader almost (but only almost) wishes things turned out different. It is easy to say that hindsight is always 20/20 but that is not what this book is about. There were people at the time who were telling Hitler to his face that he was doing the wrong thing and others who were offering strategies that would have brought victory.

Despite the title, Alexander doesn’t limit himself to the mistakes made by Hitler. The Allies made their fair share of mistakes as well that often cost them dearly. Alexander is not afraid of pointing fingers in those directions as well.

Even those not interested in military history will find something useful in this book. In many ways it is a book about leadership and any leader in any sector will find principles that are practical and relevant.

Alexander writes in an engaging style and I thoroughly enjoyed How Hitler Could Have Won World War II. Highly recommended.

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