Man in the High Castle: Season 3 – Review

I was eagerly awaiting the third season of Man in the High Castle and I was not disappointed. I would say this is my favourite TV series currently running and this season was as great as the first two.

The series would be interesting enough as a period piece set in the early 1960s or one connected to the Second World War. But the science fiction aspect, that was ramped up in this season, takes it to the next level.

The basic premise is that the Japanese and Germans won World War Two. It is now the early 1960s and the Japanese have occupied the west coast and the Germans the east coast of North America. In the midst of this are appearing films of a world where the Allies have won the Second World War. It is discovered that there are parallel worlds with different histories.

The world presented in this series is so interesting. In the Japanese Pacific States, there is more tolerance of minorities, but the Japanese are definitely occupiers and the white Americans are second-class citizens. In the Greater Nazi Reich, the white (non-Jewish) Americans have been assimilated into the Nazi culture.

There two main plot lines going on in this season. One was the increased tensions between Japan and Germany and the threat of war between these one time allies.

The other was about the travelling between the worlds. Some individuals are able to do it naturally but the Nazis develop plans to have a more controlled methods of travel. Julianna is aware of this, through memories of her experiences on other worlds, and she makes plans to stop the Nazis.

There were plenty of surprises in this season, including the deaths of some major characters. More than this is the complex storylines, fantastic acting and beautiful filming. The writers investigate the psychological motivations of the characters and man of them do not fit into a purely good or evil dichotomy.

If you have never checked out the Man in the High Castle, make sure to check it out. It is an amazing series.

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