Bird Box – Review

You never know what you are going to get with a Netflix original movie. Some have been disappointing. But we decided to take a chance with Bird Box. Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich, who are extremely talented actors and so it was worth a shot.

The premise of the movie is that a worldwide disaster has taken place due to the influence of some mysterious entities. Whoever sees these beings is driven to immediately try and kill themselves. It is a very disturbing and terrifying concept.

A group of people find themselves in a house, trying to stay alive with the windows covered, struggling with how to deal with newcomers. Sandra Bullock plays the main character named Malorie. At the time of the disaster she is pregnant but not very excited to be a mother. Much of the movie is about her discovering who she is and struggling with being able to be in a real relationship.

The movie takes place in two time periods. One is in the time just after the disaster and the group living in the house. The other takes place five years later with Malorie taking a dangerous trip down a river with two young children seeking safety from the monsters.

I had two issues with the movie. One minor and one major. The minor issue was that it was pretty unrealistic that they had power in the house for so long after the disaster.

The major issue was the treatment of the mentally ill. I do not mean the use of suicide. Rather, in this world, those who are mentally ill are not driven to suicide when they see the monsters. Instead they seek out other people and attempt to force them to look at the monsters. There is enough stigma with mental illness. This was not needed.

Bird House was a very good movie. There was plenty of suspense and it was a good solid thriller. We never actually see the monsters (although we see drawings by one of the mentally ill) and we are never told what they are or where they came from. While there is part of me that would want to know these answers, it just added to the atmosphere of the movie.

Bird Box had elements of the Walking Dead and the Cloverfield movies but still brought something fresh. In case you are wondering, the title comes from a box of birds that are used to warn when the monsters are near.

I recommend the Bird Box.

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