Good News: Youth Group

Queen Street Baptist Church is a fairly small church but one with a long history of youth groups. When I had arrived, the senior high group had just graduated and moved on. We had a few younger kids but that was it.

But those kids were getting older and our kids were interested in inviting their friends. So with the help of some other adults at our church, we had our first junior youth (ages 10-15) event. This included three of our own children.

We had a fantastic time. Our kids had long wanted to play hide and go seek in our church building and they finally got their chance. We have an old building with lots of nooks and crannies that is perfect for hide and go seek.

Overall, it was just an amazing time. Our kids had a blast and it sounds like the others did as well. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and all that it holds for the future, for my children and others.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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