Christmas Reflections – 2018

This has been a good Christmas overall. Of course there have been our share of frustrations but there have been some great things as well.

Last night, our church had a major outreach to our community with a meal and gifts for the children. This was followed by a candlelight service that was very meaningful. I always love candlelight services and they have been important to me since childhood.

Candlelight Service

We came home to some sad news as one of my favourite uncles passed away. I didn’t even know he had been sick. He was one of the brothers that my dad was closest with.

These was some stress this morning. Not that something bad happened but because of uncertainty. The last couple of visits from our children in group home has included Logan but not Abby. She has had some rough times lately wasn’t able to make the journey. Thankfully both children arrived this morning.

So far the visit with Logan and Abby is going well. We have had a couple of meals together and were able to catch one of the few pictures where all seven of us were looking at the camera.

We definitely don’t have the perfect holiday experiences but on the Bedard scale, this one has been pretty good.


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